Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Post by Nycon: Unboxing the G350 - Or should I say "uncrating"?

My unboxing experience with the DC-K40 was similar to that of fasensu, albeit mine was better packed and sent directly from Germany. For this reason, I am going to spare you with a similar unboxing story, but I think I might share the onboxing of my newer purchase, the larger G350 machine.

The item specifications listed the machine to be around 60x60x90cm with a weight of 65kg. I did know that I had to expect a crate to be delivered, but was quite astonished with what DHL unloaded in front of my door.

All in all: 116kg of Chinese goodness shipped form the UK in 3 days. Luckily I quickly found someone to help me carry the box to the elevator and then into my flat.

Everything was pretty neatly packed and undamaged. All of the acessories were stuffed into the compartment under the unmotorized up/down-table, air pump and rotary device were packed in bubble-wrap like hell (the rotary device alone had 16 meters (!) of bubble wrap around it.

As I did not really have time to complete the unboxing mostly because it could not be done alone, I dit not take further pictures of what was included, so here you are with the final result (the bigger machine of course):

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