Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Post by Nycon: Introduction of a new recruit

Hi everyone,

I came into contact with fasensu, the initiator of this blog, on a German message board ( and we started to have a pretty vivid discussion concerning several aspects of DC-K40 and basically all cheap China lasers in general. I started using a similar laser just two months ago and liked the possibilities of laser material processing so much that I just upgraded to a bigger (and of course overall better) unit.
I made quite a bunch of modifications to my small DC-K40-type machine and was already compiling a manuscript documenting the various changes and additions, of which I think many are interesting for other users as well (Honeycomb table, Air-Assist, Red Dot, LED illumination, etc.). As of now the document is still in the making and should be ready to be “let loose” to a wider audience in about two to four weeks, but I might be able to release it bit by bit on this blog sooner. I hope that I will be finished with the English translation in time, as the intended version was for the above mentioned message board which is in German.

Having covered the reasons for me joining this blog let me briefly introduce myself. I am a Biomedical Scientist, or aspiring to be one to be honest. I have been working on my PhD thesis for a market-leading German Biotech company for about 18 months but had to quit at that point for various reasons. Right now I am trying to find a new group to join and to start with another project leading to my PhD. I have always been a DIY-person and was always eager to try new thing, especially if some kind of technical device is involved. 

The reason for me getting into the “laser business” is a bit whacky: I was playing “Settlers of Catan” with a few friends of mine and we criticized the newer versions’ plastic figurines instead of “ye olde” wooden ones. Somehow the idea “let us make a Settlers version completely from wood” sparked into existence, two weeks of research later I was the proud owner of a DC-K40-type laser ;-)

That is about it, stay tuned ;-)

 My modified DC-K40 with its bigger brother, the G350. And yes, the thing in the back is a Sega Naomi Arcade machine, and yes, I have the laser in my living room ;-)


  1. Hi,
    this is a very helpful blog!!!
    we have a problem with our G350:
    when cutting, it makes perfect vertical lines, but
    when engraving, the vertical lines are bent, 1 to3 mm from the vertical.
    Did you encounter such a problem also?
    Best regards, Karsten

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  3. Haha! Looks like my living room right now! I have the same crappy Ikea table and had the K40 placed on it while trying it out and getting it to work :D. And everybody has the same air pump, which is quite good! Too funny...