Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Cover Safety Switch

How to make a "cover safety switch"

in this tutorial I show you how you can upgrade your laser's security. As I already mentioned, it's not safe to operate the laser while the cover is open.
With a microswitch, some wires and 20minutes of work you can install the switch which turns off the laser beam when the cover isn't closed.

Level: easy
Costs: less than 5€

What you need:

  1. microswitch (2-3€ on ebay)
  2. cable
  3. electrical tape (duct tape)
  4. thin and long screws + screw nuts + washers


  1. drilling machine with fitting drill for screws
  2. soldering gun with tin-solder
  3. in general: screwdrivers and tongs

Here is the how to: 
(Please check if the switch is set right before you attach the switch to the machine!)

Your machine is now "one step safer".
Even though it istn't completely safe, it complies with one of the most important laser safety rule now.

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