Freitag, 29. März 2013

First "Tutorial" is Ready (Poster)


a few days ago I had the idea to publish the tutorial as a poster, with all the circuits on it. This was the fastest and easiest I could do. So here it is.

It's not really a tutorial. Because for a tutorial you need much more time for writing the instructions. It's a poster. I have attached two pdf- files with the poster so you can print it in a4 or a3, furthermore I also have this picture in very high resolution attached, so you can view and print it in any size you want.

Circuits of a laser cutting and engraving machine, based on the Thunderlaser DF212 or DF211 controller. Designed for the chinese K40 series (40W).

I hope this is enough. You can see how the parts are connected. I have a short description in the top-left corner. But I think this should be absolutely enough for people who have no plan how to connect the parts :)

In the following picture you can see the interior of my machine. I'll tidy it up and make it look better ASAP.

The laser power supply is not inside the case yet. I have glued heatsinks to the drivers. They become really warm during long jobs. More pictures will come soon. A video of my machine in in action will come maybe this weekend or next week (because I need to make a seperate Youtube account).

Download the zip archive with the poster as pdf, jpg and png. The zip archive and all files should be virus free.

Have a nice Easter weekend!

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Fix for broken Mainboard MS10105 v4.x


many users have the problem that their K40 machine destroys itself as an effect of the Moshi 2013 software. But a few days ago someone showed me a fix which could be the solution for the problem in less than 5 minutes!

Initial Situation: after turning on the machine, the motors don't move, machine is not accessible.

You can download the free repair tool on

1) Unzip archive
2) Copy the files to: C:/Moshidraw (folder name can vary)
3) Connect the machine with your PC and turn it on.
4) Run the tool (maybe as administrator (right click -> run as administrator)). Wait until "Can Use" is displayed. Then you can start the fix by clicking on "Repair". This takes less than a second.

The machine should now work again. Just restart it. To prevent this damage again, uninstall Moshi 2013 and only use your machine with Moshi 2012!

I tried this with my mainboard, but since I modified my machine I haven't had any possibility to test the board. Please write a short comment if it has worked or not :)

click on repair and......

Success! Now restart your machine