Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

How the reconstruction is going on

This week all important parts arrived. I'm still waiting for the limit switches and some litz wire.
Even though they are important, I was able to start with the easiest things. I think I'm going to publish the whole tutorial at once. I think the work will be finished in the week between 11.2. and 18.2., maybe earlier.

On this video you can see how one axis moves slowly. The x and y axis already work. The steppers run much more silent than before with the Moshidraw controller. 
Unfortunately the limit switches haven't arrived yet so I have to turn off the machine before the laser head reaches the limit and crashes. So I can't control the machine with the arrow keys yet. 

All in all I'm happy with my work. More will be uploaded soon.

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  1. I just acquired one of these type of laser cutters. It has a CorelLASER board instead of Moshi .. still equally as craptactular :) Any updates on your project? How is the to-do list going? Any particular limitations of function? I am choosing to go for an adjustable laser lens instead of a variable height platform
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