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The laser was delivered in two parcels. One with the main machine and another one with the accessories. Both were big packets wrapped in yellow adhesive foil. In the inside there was so much bubble wrap or foam material that Felix Baumgartner would have survived inside it without a parachute. Really :). That's positive, but it took me a whole car to get rid of it. And then there was the ugly smell of cheap plastic - I hope I don't get cancer after I have breathed this.

Both parcels arrived two days after I ordered it, even though the seller specified the delivery from 3 to 12 days. That's because the machines luckily don't come directly from China. They are stored in England so the shipping to the consumer is faster.

On the following pictures, you can see the content of the package with the accessories. 

The manual is very lousy and inaccurate. You can't recognize many pictures and they often describe different hardware. I put that thing away, it hasn't helped me yet. By the way, it's written in English.

The USB dongle is like a memory stick that saves the preferences of Moshidraw and it's also a kind of "serial number" for the software, because the programm is only running when the USB key is inserted. That's weird.

The exhaust pipe was bent terribly. In the middle of it, it's damaged. It already has small holes and you can't bend it back to one compact, straight pipe. It also was very dirty. Maybe you can see the mud splashes on the pictures. Thanks, that's ugly.

The power and USB cables have been wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap. Don't ask me why- it's just crazy. The USB cable is 3m long. That's really good. The power plug is around 1,5m long and can be replaced by a standart European plug like you know it from your computer (not laptop) power supply.

The ventilator is quiet and has a high airflow rate. It's absolutely enough for this machine.

The water pump is an immersion pump. Feel free to throw it into the water :)

On the CD we find the Software, crappy and useless video tutorials and the manual as pdf file. The Software is not up to date, you can download the latest Moshidraw for free.

On the bottom right you can see a tube of "silicone adhesive sealant". I don't know why you need this, I also can't decrypt the chinese writing.

That was the first package, let's have a look at the package with the main machine!

This is huge! You can see the thick layers of bubble wrap. I needed an army knife to get through the layers. The wrap had the typical plastic smell. You should better do this outside or in a good ventilated room!

This was my first "real" post, more are following. I think the next will be about my first impressions.
Feel free to leave a good comment and share this blog! Enjoy the last days of this year!

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  1. The silicone adhesive sealant is to be used when relpacing the laser tube. The electrical wiring os soldered, then a small platic tube is put around and filled with the sealant for optimal insulation, although shrink-tubing should work just as well in my opinion.